• Stock Code: HK00605
    Professional financial
    services provider for SMEs
    CFSH Professional financial services provider for SMEs
  • Stock Code: HK00605
    Professional financial
    services provider for SMEs
    CFSH Professional financial services provider for SMEs
about us
About Us
Listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange for over twenty years
Total assets worth over HK$ 5 billion
Annual loans issued of more than HK$ 10 billion
Listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, China Financial Services Holdings Limited (“CFSH” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; Stock Code: HK00605) is a diversified financial service group. Since its listing, the Group has been dedicated to providing customized financial solutions to small- and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) in Hong Kong and Mainland China for over twenty years. With total assets worth over HK$ 5 billion, the Group has pawnshops, small-sum loan companies, financial guarantee companies, asset management companies, fund management companies and other integrated financial service providers under its management. The annual loans issued by the Group exceed HK$ 10 billion in total.
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Shareholder background
专注服务 祝力成长
  • China United SME Guarantee Corporation (SinoGuarantee) was initiated by the National Development and Reform Commission of China and funded and established by the Export-Import Bank of China, JPMorgan Chase, HNA Capital, Baosteel, Siemens (China), etc. SinoGuarantee is China’s largest guarantee institution in the industry in terms of registered capital (RMB 5.126 billion). Since its foundation in 2012, SinoGuarantee has been granted BBB- and BBa3 rating by two international credit rating agencies and been rated AAA by 6 commercial rating agencies, which is the financial guarantee corporation been guaranteed AAA credit rating solely in China.
  • China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“COAMC”) is a non-bank financial institution which is State-owned sole proprietorship and established in Beijing, with the approval from the State Council and the People’s Bank of China. The registered capital of COAMC is RMB 10 billion, which is fully allocated by the Ministry of Finance. It is a wholly state-owned non-bank financial institution. Currently, the total amount of COAMC’s assets is around RMB 320 billion. Its service networks cover the whole country. It owns China United Insurance Holding Company Limited, Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd., Daye Trust Co., Ltd, Bangxin Asset Management Co., Ltd., Golden Credit Rating International Co., Ltd. and other domestic and international companies. COAMC has nearly 40,000 staff members and more than 8 million clients.
  • M&G Investments is an asset management company under Prudential, the UK’s largest investment house, known for its long-term investment with trust taking the lead. It has been an active service provider for individuals and institutions, with more than 80 years’ experience in investment, its assets worth £50 billion. Currently, M&G has managed assets of over £247.5 billion including equity, multi-asset, fixed earnings, real estate and cash for European and Asian clients.
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Strategic Partners