• Direct Loan Direct loan business
    Direct Loan
    Direct Real Estate Mortgage Loans

    Real estate mortgage loans refer to the mortgage loans issued by China Financial Services Holdings Ltd on the condition that the borrowers mortgage various types of immovable properties in Beijing as main collaterals.

    The immovable properties that can be mortgaged include: common residential houses (commercial houses, cost price houses, affordable housing, Central Government owned houses, etc.), apartments, villas, commercial properties, office properties, quadrangle courtyard, lands, industrial factories, etc.

    Clients served: MSMEs and individuals with long- and short-term financing needs

    Mortgage (pledge) loans of civil products, equity, movable properties, etc.

    Civil products and bulk goods mortgagee (pledge) loans refer to the rapid financing services provided by the Group to SMEs and individuals.

    Service scope: mortgage (pledge) or pawn of enterprise equity, automobiles, gold and silver ornaments, jewels and jades, Chinese celebrities’ paintings and calligraphies; identification, evaluation and consulting of pawned items.

    Clients served: enterprises and individuals with long- and short-term financing needs

    “Benefiting Farmers” Loans

    The “Benefiting Farmers” loans are particularly designed to serve agriculture, farmers and rural areas and to effectively solve the financing difficulty and high financing costs for agricultural economy, featuring low interest rate, high efficiency and professionalism. An application can be made by any farmer, agricultural project, agriculture-related enterprise, family farm or big-specialized-household of crop and animal productions that has a need for funds.

    Clients served: farmers and agriculture-related enterprises with medium-- and short-term financing needs

  • Supply Chain Finance Direct loan business
    Supply Chain Finance
    Import e-commerce supply chain finance

    Serving the participants in cross-border e-commerce business, including but not limited to cross-border e-commerce platform, dealers, distributors and other principal participants, providing them with professional services such as overseas warehousing and regulation, overseas logistics and transport, domestic customs clearance, inventory pledge, account receivable factoring, overseas purchase agency.

    Clients served: e-commerce platforms, dealers, distributors, etc. engaged in cross-border business

    Automobile supply chain finance

    Mainly targeting small- and medium-sized automobile dealers and 4S stores, it is designed to solve the difficulty of dealers and 4S stores in obtaining bank loans due to their lack of immovable property mortgage or insufficient collaterals. By joining hands with several banks, CFSH provides bank credit funds support for dealers, lowers its bank credit threshold, helps it out of the difficulty in the shortage of current assets and seeks for common development with enterprises.

    Clients served: small- and medium –sized automobile dealers with good credit conditions and stable operation.

  • Consumer Finance Direct loan business
    Consumer Finance

    CFSH develops individual consumer credit business in Hong Kong via its FinTech platform, KP Credit Gain Finance, and provides individual and installment credit loans for the Hong Kong residents with stable income and good credit. The business enjoys the unique strengths of small-sum individual credit line, fast examination and approval, exemption from mortgage guarantee and flexible service modes.

    Clients served: Hong Kong residents

  • Financing Guarantee Direct loan business
    Financing Guarantee

    As a financial institution, CFSH provides medium- and long-term financing services for the SMEs with good growth potential based on the platform of its guarantee company. Through flexible counter-guarantee measures combinations, it can solve the issue of insufficient collaterals during enterprise financing.

    Scope of guarantee: bank loan, bond loan collective notes, trust plan financing, etc.

  • Financial Lease Direct loan business
    Financial Lease

    By establishing a strategic partnership with several financial institutions, equipment manufacturers and guarantee companies, CFSH offers financial lease services featuring integration of industry and finance to key clients and “one-stop” financial service to enterprises through their growth cycles. Business scope covers financial lease, leasing business and purchase of leased properties from home and abroad.

    For long, the Company has made its utmost efforts to offer high-quality financial services to the growth of local real economy by adhering to the principle of “professional, stable, pragmatic, innovative” and relying on the integrated and coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

  • Fund Management Direct loan business
    Fund Management

    Fund management is an emerging business segment that is emphasized by CFSH. Currently, the Group is investing and participating in multiple private funds. The scope of asset management covers real estate investment funds, non-performing asset investment funds, food industry M&A funds, overseas education and investment funds, etc.

    In the future, the asset management business, together with the domestic and overseas client resources and integrated financial resources platform, will be arranged in a systematic way along the industry chain in related fields so as to enable industry integration, resources sharing in the ecological circle and capital operation and maximize the value for investors.