Our Team
Member of the board

Board of

  • Luo Rui

    • Responsible for the Group's overall business management, development and strategies of daily operations;
    • Over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate financing and investment, asset acquisition, project development, market development and enterprise management
    • Established extensive networks with senior management of property developers, major commercial banks and local authorities in Beijing
  • Guan Xueling

    Vice President
    • Responsible for the Group's financial operations, risk management, etc.
    • Ms. Guan is a chartered CPA and CPV holder in China
    • Nearly 20 years of experience in financial audit, risk management, market strategies, corporate mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, tender offers, etc.
  • Cheung Chai Hong, Andy

    Executive Director
    • Responsible for daily operations and investors management of Hong Kong
    • Managing Director of POC Holdings, and the founder of Bonhma Holdings, a subsidiary of POC H, which primarily engages in luxury automobile 4S dealership and after-sales services in China
    • Previously worked at PAG, an Asia-focused asset management company with AUM of over US$ 4 bn, and Barclays Capital
Senior management


  • Lu Weijun

    Vice President
    • Responsible for relationship building in the financial guarantee and banking industries
    • Over 20 years of experience in the internal management, system design and capital operation and management of financial institutions including banks, financial guarantors, etc.; previously worked at a bank as president for 3 years.
  • Zhang Manhong

    Chief Risk Officer
    • Responsible for loan auditing committee management of the Group
    • Over 20 years of experience in bank credit report review; a former member of Internal Audit Association of China's National Audit Office, a former member of Accreditation Committee for Senior Professional Title of Bank of Communications Head Office
  • Chung Chin Keung

    Company Secretary & Financial Controller
    • Responsible for daily operations in Hong Kong and financial operations of the Group
    • Over 22 years of experience in finance, accounting and management
    • Mr. Chung worked for several listed companies in HK and overseas
    • An senior member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, HKICPA, and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the Taxation Institute of HK