Chairman’s Message

Since 2008 when CFSH starting its financial service for MSMEs,

We have regarded offering more professional and efficient integrated financial services to MSMEs as our mission,

aims to create more value for China's real economy,

and adheres to the core values of "Professional, Stable, Pragmatic, Innovative".

We continuously pursue innovation of financial product and service systems,

and provide integrated solutions for MSME financing, innovation and entrepreneurship financing as well as inclusive financing.

Through ten years' hard efforts,

We have found our scaled, diversified and cross-regional development path with our great ambition.

In the face of new mission and responsibilities, opportunities and challenges,

We will continue to focus on our prime business,

strive to develop our asset-light mode, build O2O financial ecology,

explore overseas M&A and wealth management, establish private equity, get involved in non-performing asset restructuring,

and act as explorers, struggler and fighters on the new journey

so as to gradually enhance the Group's comprehensive strength and core competitiveness.

Looking back to the past,

For ten years, we have forged ahead with determination, reflecting our independence and self-improvement;

For a decade, we have continuously made explorations and practiced our spirit of toughness and persistence.

In the following ten years,

We will keep sound operation and move forward.

We will join hands with millions of Chinese MSMEs.